The kitchen has all requirement to cook and eat. When you arrive a welcome present waits for you with some products made in Italy.

in the kitchen there are:

  • a boiler
  • a toster
  • a popcorn machine
  • a microwave
  • cutlery
  • pots and pans
  • bottle screw
  • peeler
  • rags
  • place mats
  • dishwasher

The popcorn machine is perfect to prepare an aperitif and the toaster will heat the croissants for the breakfast.

in the kitchen there are in extra:

  • food scale
  • electric iron
  • iron board
  • clothes rack

On the other side of the kitchen there are the sink, fridge, pot holders, electric oven and induction plats

The supply for every guest:

  • plates
  • glasses
  • small cups
  • cups
  • moka pot
  • milk pan